W H O  R U N  T H E  W O R L D ? Inspirational women in the Events Industry part 1: Seri Kertzner, aka. Little Miss Party Planner – New York City, USA

Welcome to the first instalment in my blog series interviewing and profiling women doing great things in the Events Industry.   It’s a busy industry and one where we often have little time to look outside of our current project or event, but in an age of #TimesUp and #MeToo what better time to reflect on strong, inspiring females looking to the future and smashing glass ceilings all around the world?

For my first profile, I’ve looked to one of the most exciting cities in the world; the city that never sleeps.  Scrolling through Instagram one day I stumbled across quite possibly one of the most fun and exciting event companies I’d seen so far, ‘Little Miss Party.’  Described as “a company made up of fabulous women, aiming to inspire everyone to celebrate each day to its fullest” they truly encapsulate everything I want to achieve with this blog series – and anyway, who doesn’t love a party?

So who is behind the Little Miss Party brand? ‘Party Boss’ Seri Kertzner.  Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Seri chased her dreams all the way to New York City in 2001, where she began working in financial and production roles for major brands including Kate Spade and Club Monaco.   But after meeting her husband and bringing her first son into the world, it was time for Seri to leave the corporate world behind and chase another dream – creating parties for a living!  Seri heads up the Little Miss Party team who plan and run branded events and parties, content creation with styled shoots, styling for private events and their shop – ‘Little Miss Party in a Box.’

What really inspired me to interview Seri was that her and her team really don’t make this look like work.  Being in the events industry really is a labour of love and their online presence just exhales positivity and their passion for their day to day job.  Ok – it happens to be in one of the most incredible cities in the world so for many of us, of course NYC party planning sounds exciting, but of course the long, sometimes stressful hours still exist.  Seri specialises in making clients feel like guests at their own parties and just quite simply makes things happen, whilst keeping them fun, fresh and of course an Instagrammable dream.




Can you tell me how you found your way into the events industry?

I have always had a love for partying.  I was a party girl growing up and not only loved going out to party with my friends, but hosting them in my home.  When I got married I realized just how deep my love for throwing a party was.  I decided to start my own business but didn’t officially leave the corporate world that I had been working in and start the business till my first son was born in 2009.

Despite being a female-dominated industry, there are fewer women taking senior and boardroom positions- where do you think we stand today with the ‘glass ceiling’ for women in the world of events?

I think that the event styling and planning world is very female dominated. There is so much talent out there now and women are living out their dreams and passions using their eye and visions to execute events with patience and precision.

What’s the motivation behind your company ‘Little Miss Party?’

The motivation was always to bring big events into small spaces.  When I first started the business, it was because I was throwing these big parties in my small Manhattan apartment. I thought, I bet there are so many folks in Manhattan who are not throwing parties b/c they think that their living space is too small.  But enter Little Miss Party and we’ll take care of that for you.  I use innovative ways to make small spaces work for entertaining so you can sit back relax and be a guest at your own party.

Where do you look for inspiration?

From the big DIY and Lifestyle bloggers.  We love Oh Happy Day, Oh Joy, Studio DIY, Sugar & Cloth and Emily Schuman to name just a few.  We also tear pages out of Magazines and scour Pinterest for ideas.

3 top tips for aspiring event professionals?

  1. Be professional. The most important aspect of my job is customer service. My customers are the most important and come first.
  2. Be kind. No matter what happens you need to be kind and make your clients and vendors feel like they are the most important people in the world.
  3. Work hard, party harder. This business is TOUGH. It’s literally back breaking and includes many sleepless nights. We here at Little Miss Party make it look really fun and it is BUT it’s stressful and challenging.


Want to hear more about Little Miss Party? Check out their website https://www.littlemisspartyplanner.com/

Thank you to Seri for taking the time to tell me more about the incredible work she does!



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