About me

“The only way to do great work is to love the work you do” – and I do!  I’m here to share an insight into my world; the world of events management. Expect inspiration, industry news and my adventures in and out of the office as an event manager.


A B O U T  M E


I’m an event manager based in Shrewsbury, England.  I’ve been working in the events industry for almost 10 years and love every minute.  With a background in theatre and a degree in English Literature and Drama I fell in to the industry with a part-time position whilst at university in London and haven’t looked back!

My work as a corporate Senior Event Manager involves planning and running events on all scales, managing venue, speaker and catering bookings and creating valued and memorable experiences for guests and clients across the world.


I’m driven, motivated and always excited about what’s to come.  I truly love the industry I’m in and so it feels less and less like ‘work’ and more about the individual events and experiences I’m creating from concept to completion. I also have a Postgraduate Diploma in Events Management from The Event Academy, accredited by the CIM where I achieved a high distinction; and studying full time whilst working is something I’m really proud of.

My Events blog based here on my website features different aspects of the industry; think trends, inspiring people and useful advice.   I’m a supporter of smashing glass ceilings and promoting the ’empowered women empower women’ thing the best I can – so have a section of my blog dedicated to the amazing women leading the way in our industry.  I’m chair of the board of directors for the Female Hospitality Network, Chester Branch, which launches later this year to inspire and empower women at all stages of their career in events and hospitality.

In 2018, I cofounded Best You Self Care wellness events and community in Shrewsbury, UK which creates fitness and self care events to inspire and encourage everyBODY to feel empowered and prioritise self care.


Away from work life – I’m wife to a very supportive husband, mum to a cheeky sausage dog named Chester, and love keeping fit, drinking gin, early mornings and Beyoncé.