Public Speaking

Speaking; workshops, panels, hosting, presenting



Presenting, hosting, moderating; speaking my story or sharing yours – I’m a confident and friendly communicator with experience in speaking at a wide range of events to many different audiences.

 I have a background in performing arts, an engaging tone and a dedication to ensuring every message is delivered to your audience; please get in touch at to chat more about your event.

Areas of expertise include:

  • The events industry – trends and more
  • The power of events and creating memorable guest experiences
  • The importance of wellness at events 
  • Female empowerment
  • Inspirational women in the events industry
  • Blogging and creating a personal brand as an events manager
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Event planning
  • Managing mindfulness and self care

Whether you require an event host, panel moderator, presenter, workshop or webinar leader I’d love to hear more.


“Juliet is a confident speaker. She takes the role seriously from her own personal outward facing brand to her content and slides.   Her speaking manner is considered, clear and easy to follow but pacey to keep the audience engaged.

Her content is authentic. As she speaks around each subject with ease and enthusiasm.Her slides are mainly pictorial which means the audience listen to her words and watch her.

As a moderator she was organised, on time and unflappable.  I’d highly recommend Juliet on a panel or as a speaker.”

Holly Moore, Founder and Managing Director, Make Events

“I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Juliet at Confex North on ‘Creating memorable guest experiences at events’. Not only was Juliet extremely engaging and professional as a speaker, but she also provided a multitude of tips and advice that I will definitely be putting into action for my future events.”

Gaby Mendes, Event Operations Assistant at Rapid News Group and Founder/Blogger at G’s Twenties 

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